EduServe's Services

Dedicated exclusively to higher education, our knowledge of the trends and challenges unique to education is complimented by our expertise in technical matters of all kinds. This gives us a unique advantage by allowing us to approach each client’s unique needs with a broad vision.

While service is our primary focus, it is the creation of partnerships with our clients that drives us. We believe a partnership requires shared ownership of issues and solutions. Through partnerships we become a stakeholder, not just a vendor. We are small enough to take a personal interest in every client, but large enough to tackle major issues. Our references will attest that the EduServe International Team is committed to quality and works each and every day to exceed our client’s expectations.

From short-term interventions to multi-year initiatives, our projects cover the USA, Canada and Mexico. We have had the honor of working with hundreds of colleges, universities, and independent schools, helping them navigate technological challenges and plan for the future.

Our Services

Technology Assessment

Technology assessments focus on the relationship between technology and the strategic plan of the institution. Our methodology begins with fully understanding where the executive team is taking the institution in the next few years and how technology is aligned to support the effort. Student success is ultimately every institutions goal. How well the institution succeeds in supporting student success often depends upon the effective use of technology. This service is especially important to new presidents or institutions that have had turnover in IT leadership.

Technology Leadership

The successful use of technology to support the strategic plan of an organization depends heavily on leadership. It is often difficult to attract and retain technology leaders capable of connecting institutional goals to the students, faculty and staff that depend upon technology for their success. EduServe can provide permanent IT leadership to support the needs of the institution or we can provide interim IT leadership while we help recruit a qualified technology leader.

Managed Services

Today, more than ever, institutions are looking to experts to provide leadership and day-to-day support of Information Technology. In many cases, an institution is located in an area where it is difficult to attract and retain quality technical staff or there is a desire to have access to the same level of leadership and support that larger institutions enjoy but may not otherwise be affordable. EduServe Technology Support Services can range from augmenting the current staff and tools (paired services) to fully outsourcing the entire support operation (managed services). Paired services allow an institution to utilize existing IT personnel and capitalize on the institutional knowledge they possess while strengthening leadership and technical support. Managed services empower an institution to free itself from the complexities of IT management and support in order to focus on the mission of the institution. The services include:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Service desk
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network configuration and maintenance
  • Server and Application support
  • Network, server and data center implementation
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity

Business Process Review and Re-engineering

Almost every institution of higher learning has systems in place to support operations, teaching and learning and service to students. Many of these have been in place for several years and have not kept pace with the changing nature of higher education. Many business processes have evolved over the years, staff have come and gone but the implementation of technology often remains the same. A business process review based upon current institutional plans and requirements can yield improved service and substantially reduce the cost of supporting the needs of all constituents.

Administrative and Student Information System Support

As a follow up to Assessment and Business Process Review, we often discover that enterprise software applications have not kept up with the changing environment of the institution. It is not uncommon for an institution to feel that there are better software solutions available. This may be true but more often than not, the applications were implemented many years ago and have not been maintained to support the learning environment and business needs of today. EduServe can help improve the efficient and effective use of student and administrative systems.

Project Management

EduServe consultants have successfully managed hundreds of projects of various sizes and disciplines over the last 30 years. From business process re-engineering, to consortium development and support to technology selection and implementation, all of these projects have common threads; The successful, on time, on budget completion of a pre-defined goal that is unique to the organization and involves participants from many areas of the college or university, often including participants outside the organization.

Our project management techniques follow the PMI processes that fall into five groups:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closing

The management and delivery of results focuses specifically on tying the project to the strategic goals of the institution. EduServe Project Management is defined by the goals, resources and schedule of each project with a commitment to on-time, on-budget delivery of the desired results.

Consortium Development and Support

Over the last 20 years, Eduserve consultants have worked with colleges and universities to develop and implement technology consortiums that bring the diverse needs of multiple institutions together to find commonality while protecting individuality. Many institutions understand that there are efficiencies to be found by working together with similar institutions. The concern is always:

  • Protect strategic information
  • Preserve institutional identity
  • Strengthen teaching and learning
  • Improve service to students
  • Reduce the high cost of technology

We have successfully worked with institutions to develop a managed service organization to simply creating a more cost effective purchasing environment.