Our Mission

Work with colleges and universities to strengthen teaching and learning while improving operations with the application of best practices and technology.

About EduServe

EduServe has over 20 years of experience helping colleges and universities gain strategic value from information technology. Our commitment to student success, combined with our deep knowledge of technology, gives us a unique perspective on the role technology plays in higher education.

While service is our primary function, it is the creation of partnerships with our clients that drives us. We take the time to listen to your faculty and staff to thoroughly understand the goals you would like to achieve and the unique challenges your college is facing. We believe that transparent communication is essential for a project to be successful and that colleges and universities achieve extraordinary results when they share common goals with their technology consultants.

The EduServe team has extensive experience in technology leadership, implementation, strategic planning, and administration in higher education. We understand the speed at which technology changes and issues that can arise as colleges and universities struggle to keep up. Working with our client partners, we’ve faced these issues and created innovative solutions with seamless implementations.